An Ultimate Calculation Result --- Existence of Spirit of the Universe

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Based on essentially updated physical concepts ---Space time configuration and Space time value , all calculation results from Feeding Back Theory of the Universe (FBTU) are not only accuarately physical descriptions , being well compatible with observations , to the universe ,but also more importantly a scientific demonstration to objective existence of an Information Entity --- spirit of the universe which yields the substantiated and materialized world we are observing .


Key word   Mass law , G gauge , Space time configuration , Space time value , 10 dimensional space time , STC analysistechnique , G bubble , Information equation of the universe , General physical property equation , Mirror equation , Information and event principle , Information entity , Past world , Spirit of the universe .




From 1979 , I tried to prove an hypothesis --- Mass Low , inspired from my study in physics . In 2005 , this demonstration has been accomplished perfectly and it says :

Mass of an object in the universe is equal to sum of energies fed back from all other objects of the universe divided by square of speed of light ,

that is :                

It was not my initial intention to discover , even think of what now this theory ultimately yields . All these calculation results obtained owe to not only mulling about Mass Law for decades , but also an guess over suspicious contribution to feeding back energies generated by space time of the universe . Finally taking advantage of  Planck Dimensions , an axiom of physics---G gauge firstly emerged , then STC(space time configuration) and STV(space time value)  of all physical unit , then STC analysistechnique , then the physical process of G bubble burst ---the operation mechanism of the universe , then Information Equation of the Universe , then an event principle about information and event ---mass is condensed from universal event , then General Physical Property Equation and Mirror Equation of the Universe , … , then all the way ultimately up to an information entity . Such as :



For every physical unit  , there would exist an objective entity whose value is constantly equal to 1 . Called  as G gauge of the physical unit .

That is : 1  ,   

here  is modulus of  .

Example :

Length gauge

time gauge :    

Mass gauge :    

Temp.gauge :   

Remark : these calculating results are based on observation datum of   and  . . Their theoretical ones can be find in Appendix of Paper D at .

For instance , theoretical value of modulus of  is equal to :


Find original description for these G gauges at



Every physical unit has its own space time configruation (STC)and space time value(STV)

For instance :

  (one dimension of space) ;

   (one dimension of time) .

Space Time Configuration (STC) for some physical units :

General Expression :  , . Such as ,

(kilogram)   (Joule)       (Kelvin)

(Ampere)   (Mol)        (Newton);

 (Coulomb) (Weber)   (Watt)

Vacuum unit :     ;  information unit :

Here  is fine structure constant .

Theoretical values of these two units :





Sifting thoroughly among all physical units , we can find that dimension number of space or time in STC of these units is less then or equal to 5 , 

that is        .

As long as the same case has never been breached in principle at premise of full coverage in physics , then it would absolutely the case that the universe is essentially consists of 5 dimension of space and 5 dimensions of time , in other word , the universe is composed of 10 dimensions of space time .  


Find them at :  and



All expressional formula of physical law and theorem we have are not final ones to them ;

An certain physical process taking place in nature actually generates an cooresponding space time structure and space time value objectively ;

Value of an characteristics physical quantity of this process equals product of this space time value and G gauge of physical dimsion of this physical quantity.

All these physical thoughts can be expressed physically by an formula called Default Theorem , also called as STC Analysistechnique :

Supposed an physical process , then ,

here ,  represents an CST   default space time   constant  

 dimensional expression of  ,  G gauge of physical dimension  .



The universe is operating governed by an physical process called G Bubble Burst which turns an completable space time into a default space time at every universal moment , creates information of all events happening in the universe at the moment , instantaneously condense these events into a mass .


= (1  -  n / MU ) + 


=  +




The universe is ultimately consists of vacuum and information which can unfold in a manner of every single event happened in past showcase itself by its space time structure . An information equation explicitly exhibit all these event .

At present universal moment , information equation of the universe showcase itseld in the way of :


here   =0,1,2,3, …,-1 


       = ,…2,1


At present , the universe has produced in total  

  (a magic number)

numbers of information unit . The number is called information modulus of the universe --- a magic figure by which all physical properties of the universe can be calculated out by it with perfect match to observations .




All physical proerties of the universe can be calculated out by equatons as :

To calculate general physical property of the universe , you can count on the equation :


To calculate micro physical property of the universe , you can count on the equation :


Find them at :



That information interact with vacuum emerge event , and simultaneously the event is condensed into a mass , or the substantiated universe was condensed from all events happened in past of the universe . This physical mechanism of information being substantiated and materialized is called as Information and Event Principle .

Find them at :



In the universe , there exists an unique information entity ,

that is :            

which contains all information representing all things happened in past of the universe .

At present information modulus of the universe

STC of the information entity is

This information entity is physically non-substantiated and non-materialized with its primary physical properties as :

Equivalent mass :

Equivalent dimension

Equivalent time

Equivalent mass density

Equivalent temperature (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation)

Equivalent energy (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation)

Equivalent electric current


Equivalent frequency


here theoretical values of  are adopted : )

By Energy Even Principle , each of 10 dimensions of the universe would has its frequency of  ,

Wavelength of

This wavelength is exactly ones of peak value of spectrum of CMBR .

Diagram here is the spectrum of CMBR obtained from COBE in 1990 .

Cited from :



when this information entity interact with vacuum  , universal events emerge and produce the substantiated and materialized universe with its general physical properties as :

Total mass of the universe (including dark matter)

Observation data :  ? (observed masses)

Radius of the universe

Observation data : ?   (observed so far)

Age of the universe

years (33.1703 billion years)

Estimated results by human research : ? (theoretical estimated age)

Average mass density of the universe


Observation data :   ? ( combined result from theory and observation)

Total energies of the universe

Observation data : Unkown .

……    .




What do these calculation results mean ?

What is on earth the information entity ?

Is it objectively alive ?

Past World ?

Soul of the Universe ?

Spirits of the Universe ?

It means that an information entity containing all information of past events happened in the universe , being with

such extremely small size of  ,

and observed temperature of ,

and observed microwave radiation at present universal moment

with peak frequency of its spectrum at ,

with peak wavelength of its spectrum at ,

and reputedly detected an electric current of  ,

and potentially extreme importance engery bar of  ,

and equivalent mass of  , … ,

generates the substantiated and materialized universe we observe , being with

total masses of  produced ,

and radius of  extended ,

and time of years (33.1703 billion years) aged ,

and mass density of even distributed in large scale ,

and total energies of energized , … , while interacting with vacuum ;

Its external physical properties determine those of the universe we observes. All general physical properties of the universe can derive from those of the information entity .Given such non-substantiated , non-materialized nature of the information entity and its decisive contents yielding the substantiated and materialized universe we are observing ,it is reasonable to call this information entity as past world , or soul of the universe , or spirit of the universe .

Refer to the article of Soul of the Universe / Past World(1) (in Chinese available at present)




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