Feeding Back Energy Principle and Its Equivalent Mass Forms    

              AuthorZhiqiang Zhang



In this paper , a hypothesis is put forward which is cited from another paper written by the author and expound this principle in terms of several equivalent masses , such as charge equivalent mass , magnetic moment-flux quantum equivalent mass , magnetic moment-circulation quantum equivalent mass,  magnetic moment-mol equivalent mass .

An conclusion is made that all kinds of actions between any two objective bodies are equal to that of gravitational actions under corresponding equivalent mass.

This paper is based on theory constituted in paper of “Completable Space-Time and Default Space-Time”also written by the author.


ONE    Feeding Back Energies Hypothesis

Suppose there are two celestial bodies in the universe   

and and apart each , thus:

celestial body   radiates some amounts of energies to celestial body  and then celestial body  feeds same amounts of energies back to celestial body . These amounts of energies are directly proportional to masses of these two bodies and inverse proportional to  , that is :


Here =|| , =|| .

According what said in the paper“ Completable Space-Time and Default Space-Time” , we know  , so we can substitutes  by  and notice that:


So formula (B-1) can morph into another form as below:


We call expression(B-1) as  reduced form of the hypothesis and (B-2) reduced form.

Of course we can have other such similar reduced form of  the hypothesis, such as reduced form , reduced form and reduced form … . 


TWO    Morphing Form of the Hypothesis

   Under Equivalent Masses      

  We are popularizing (B-1) into any objective bodies , that is : feeding back energies between any two objective bodies are can be formulated as (B-3) below


Here  =|| , =||

1 , Morphing form of charge equivalent mass

   From previous results mentioned , per unit of charges are equivalent to a mass of  , and also substitute  and  by this equivalent mass in (B-3) , and:


So we get:


Let , we have:


This means feeding back electrostatic energies between two basic charge  equal to gravitational energies of two objective bodies whose mass are =each. Here  is constant of fine structure.

   Also we can reduce (B-4) into another form of reduced


   if we introduce,this expression can reduce itself into one we are familiar with.

2 , Magnetic moment related equivalent masses

There are three situations of this type of equivalent masses\

a , Magnetic moment–magnetic flux quantum equivalent mass    We call quotient between an elementary particle’s magnetic

moment and flux quantum  as magnetic moment-flux quantum equivalent mass , that is


here ,  ,

        is magnetic moment of the particle .

So we get morphing form of magnetic moment-magnetic flux quantum equivalent mass


or                         (B-9)

 b ,Mmagnetic moment- circulation quantum equivalent mass

  We call quotient between elementary particle’s magnetic moment and its circulation quantum as magnetic moment-circulation quantum equivalent mass , that is :


here , ,  is mass of the particle invovled.

So we get morphing form of magnetic moment-circulation quantum equivalent mass


or                     (B-12)

 c  , Magnetic moment-mol equivalent mass

We call quotient of magnetic moment of elementary particle and  as magnetic moment- mol equivalent mass ,

That is :


so we get morphing form of magnetic moment- mol equivalent mass


or                    (B-15)

   According to expression(B-3) and above equivalent masses and their corresponding morphing forms ,we can view mutual actions between any two elementary particles as gravitational effect of various equivalent masses.In another words , all kinds of actions between any two objective bodies have common form in terms of mathematical expression.


THREE  Calculating Paradigm

Suppose there are two protons and , its magnetic moments are  and


Its rest masses are and=

Each carry basic charge of .

   We know from what have discussed above that ratio of energies of all kinds of actions(feeding back energies) between these two protons are equal to that of square of corresponding equivalent masses.that is :

a :

 That is

Here using expresses gravitational energies feedback between these two protons,



When  = 1 , we get     

When , we get


( here  )

When   = 1 , we get 

When    , we get we get:





Being written here , I put my pen aside , looking out of window ,gazing at sky and thinking: by using this method of space-time analysis , besides keeping in accordance with fundamental principle of physics and observation of objective fact and data , we indeed find some places in the universe we do have not ever touched before and do have discovered some essence of the universe.It is almost categorically certain that follow this suit  , we can make more discoveries against the universe.

Since CST contains all messages of the universe , only endeavor need we along the path and decode these messages

which unveil gene map of pedigree of the universe.

 For instance ,

   How does time of the universe being created?

   Why time has capacity of reaching anywhere in the universe at same moment and ubiquity?

   How the universe can reconstruct entropy and send them back in terms of time

   Where do things happened in the past go?

   Who or What govern the universe ultimately?


   I have been looking forward to have an appropriate chance to grind them with scientists together.

   The subject is “G Bubble” Burst and Time Being Created 

                  The end of this paper

                  Written in Jun 29 ,2005 , Dalian ,China.